How does the ethical review process work in Sweden and which are the designated ethics committees? The regional research ethics boards are independent bodies responsible to the ministry of education. All of the six large universities in Sweden have a regional research ethics board, which, in regions comprising larger universities, may involve one to four different units for medical research review and always one separate unit for review of non-medical research with humans. The regional committees have their own administration and economy although they are located close to or within the university building. They may get administrative help from the university but the internal work of the ethics boards is entirely independent from the university and they have their own internal organization. There is also the Central ethical review board. Besides making decisions on controversial issues delivered by a REC, the central board is an appeal body for researchers who want to complain about a decision made by a regional board. The central board also has the responsibility to supervise the researchers’ adherence to the research ethics law. However, this is only the case when supervision is not already the task of the medical project agency (in cases of clinical trials) or the Swedish board of health and welfare (if the study concerns patients in the health care system). The Swedish research council is authorized by the education ministry to give provisions for the procedures of the research vetting including changes in the application forms. The research council is responsible for education of the research ethics board members. For these purposes the council has instituted an advisory group including scientific secretaries and/or judges from each of the central and regional research boards in Sweden. Both the regional and the central research review boards have a common web site where relevant information including related links to laws and other regulations can be found.

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