Cardiogenic Shock

amed_pic04 150It is estimated that 7-10% of patients who survive an acute myocardial infarction progress to cardiogenic shock, a physiologic state in which inadequate tissue perfusion results from cardiac insufficiency. These patients require immediate and rapid left ventricular support. In the absence of a mechanism to provide ventricular support, mortality rates range from 60-85%.

Inotropic medication, SVR modulation and volume management are typically used to stabilize the patient. Interventional intra-aortic balloon pump systems are frequently of value to reduce downstream load.

TheraGenesis collaborated  to clinically develop a 16F percutaneous left ventricular assist device (pLVAD) that can be implanted percutaneously under fluoroscopic guidance and designed to be used for up to 7 days.  The pLVAD system is as an intra-vascular axial flow pump that withdraws blood from the left ventricle and discharges it in the descending aorta, thus unloading the left ventricle.