EN ISO 5356-1

Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment – Conical connectors – Part 1: Cones and sockets (ISO 5356-1:2004)


ISO 5356-1:2004 specifies dimensional and gauging requirements for cones and sockets intended for connecting anaesthetic and respiratory equipment, e.g. in breathing systems, anaesthetic-gas scavenging systems and vaporizers.

ISO 5356-1:2004 gives requirements for the following conical connectors:

  • 8,5 mm sizes intended for use in paediatric breathing systems;
  • 15 mm and 22 mm sizes intended for general use in breathing systems;
  • 22 mm latching connectors (including performance requirements);
  • 23 mm size intended for use with vaporizers, but not for use in breathing systems;
  • 30 mm size intended for the connection of a breathing system to an anaesthetic gas scavenging system.

ISO 5356-1:2004 does not specify the medical devices and accessories on which these connections are to be provided.

Requirements for the application of conical connectors are not included in ISO 5356-1:2004, but are or will be given in the relevant International Standards for specific medical devices and accessories.

NOTE Requirements for screw-threaded weight-bearing conical connectors are specified in ISO 5356-2.