How does the ethical review process work in Luxembourg and which are the designated ethics committees?

In Luxemburg, there is only one national research ethics committee, called Comité  National d’Ethique de Recherche (CNER) which provides a single opinion which is valid for all the country’s investigational sites.

The Committee is in contact with the Competent Authority (here it is the Division de la  Pharmacie et des Médicaments of the Health Ministry) with different research  institutions through the secretariat, which provides info, answers questions etc. It is also  involved with the CIEC (Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center) which organises  information and training days relating to clinical research, and generally helps  investigators realise their research projects when they need help. The Committee is in  frequent contact with the National Data Protection Commission  (, which has one member attenting the national REC meetings as an observer.