Design and Construction: Microbial Contamination?

Essential Requirements
What are the general technical requirements for design and construction to bring my medical device product to the European market?



8.   Infection and microbial contamination
8.1.  The devices and manufacturing processes must be designed in such a way as to eliminate or reduce as far as possible the risk of infection to the patient, user and third parties. The design must allow easy handling and, where necessary, minimize contamination of the device by the patient or vice versa during use.

8.2.      Tissues of animal origin must originate from animals that have been subjected to veterinary controls and surveillance adapted to the intended use of the tissues.

Notified bodies shall retain information on the geographical origin of the animals.

Processing, preservation, testing and handling of tissues, cells and substances of animal origin must be carried out so as to provide optimal security. In particular safety with regard to viruses and other transmissible agents must be addressed by implementation of validated methods of elimination or viral inactivation in the course of the manufacturing process.

8.3.  Devices delivered in a sterile state must be designed, manufactured and packed in a non-reusable pack and/or according to appropriate procedures to ensure that they are sterile when placed on the market and remain sterile, under the storage and transport conditions laid down, until the protective packaging is damaged or opened.

8.4.  Devices delivered in a sterile state must have been manufactured and sterilized by an appropriate, validated method.

8.5.  Devices intended to be sterilized must be manufactured in appropriately controlled (e. g. environmental) conditions.

8.6.  Packaging systems for non-sterile devices must keep the product without deterioration at the level of cleanliness stipulated and, if the devices are to be sterilized prior to use, minimize the risk of microbial contamination; the packaging system must be suitable taking account of the method of sterilization indicated by the manufacturer.

8.7.  The packaging and/or label of the device must distinguish between identical or similar products sold in both sterile and non-sterile condition.